You didn’t start your business to become an accountant


Focus on the work that you love, not your books!

Tax Planning and Preparation For Your Business

Westcross is a full service tax and accounting firm with a passion to help small to mid-size business owners and individuals. We offer proactive tax planning, tax preparation and complete accounting and payroll. High tax rates and a complex tax code are persistent problems for small business owners and individuals. We love to help our clients read IRS speak and translate it into plain English.

If you want to save money on taxes you need a plan.

Tax Planning

Proactive Tax Planning

The world is full of accountants who can put the “right” numbers in the“right” boxes on the “right” forms and get them filed by the “right” deadlines. We do more than just tell you how much you owe, we tell you how to pay less!

Diligent Tax Preparation

Nothing is as certain as an ever-changing and confusing income tax code. Are you one of nearly half of all American taxpayers overpaying the IRS? Let us help you take every deduction, credit, and tax advantage possible!

Tax Preparation

Outsourced Accounting

We haven’t met a business owner yet that loves bookkeeping. By letting Westcross handle your accounting you’ll save valuable time in your day and gain peace of mind. Focus on the work that you love, not your books!

Many think that taxes are a once a year nuisance, but after working with the team at Westcross, I quickly realized that it requires year round planning. The expertise and knowledge that Westcross has is an asset to businesses like mine. Besides exceptional bookkeeping, the tax planning and advising that we receive from Westcross allows us to create a roadmap for not only our tax obligations, but for our overall financial future.

Daniel R, The Smart Baker, LLC