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Mentioning payroll processing and the IRS in the same sentence can strike fear in the heart of even the biggest CEO. The IRS offers no forgiveness if you make a mistake in payroll tax computations or deposits, so you’d better get it right the first time. Why take risks when you have us to do it for you?

We offer payroll with a couple of different options:

Real time payroll: All employees hours or salaries are submitted 4 business days prior to pay date. We calculate the payroll including withholding.

We direct deposit the net amount to the employee’s bank account on the designated pay date (all funds come out of your approved bank account via electronic funds transfer the business day prior to payday).

This option also allows computation of benefits such as health insurance or 401K deductions, uniform deductions etc.

After-the-fact payroll: The business owner or manager writes a check to themselves for a net amount. We come in after the fact and perform computations for the taxes related to the paycheck(s).

This is often referred to by accountants as “Grossing Up” the check. The taxes that are required to be withheld are calculated and added back to the net amount to arrive at the gross pay, used for filing the required payroll reports and making the required payroll tax deposits to the IRS.

This method works best for owner/operators who need to be able to write themselves a paycheck at random times but still need to stay compliant.

Our payroll services include the monthly electronic payment of payroll tax deposits to the IRS (all funds are withdrawn from your approved bank account).

Our payroll services include the filing of all required quarterly and annual payroll reports. The primary goal here is to avoid the very substantial penalties that can result from faulty payroll tax depositing and reporting. Call us today and let us take your payroll off of your plate!

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